geng budak slumber

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Assalamualaikum n peace..=)

Let everything go

Fair unfair

its god to decide..

keep improve yourself

there so much flaws on you..So far from God..

past is past..

no matter what will happen next..its for you to deal with..

maybe past will haunt you down someday..

What to do maybe its just another way to clean your sins..u are sinner..

let go let go..

love him..

the one that besides with you..accepting you just the way you are..

no matter what he  might be the best..

life is short..

people come and go..and you already decide not to know your heart breaker forever..

Stick with that..

You are goddaamn good with that know..

You already forgot..who he forgot..memory deleted!

P/S: I'm sorry love for looking back..

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