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Friday, April 1, 2011

i dOn't nEeD.....yOu

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i don't need.....
your advise about life
your care about my thought
your sympathy after all the lies
your attention  that totally fake

i don't need.....
the sweet comfort words
just because i'm feeling so down
just because its hard to forget you
just because you think i'm too kind hearted 

i don't need.... 
the humorous fake chatting
to make me forgot that it was a fake
to vanish all the tears that already spread
to cure the wound that cut my heart

i'm fine when i don't see you
i'm cheerful when i don't hear you
but not because i hate you
its the result of loving you to much
and you just not into me as such...

just let me spread my wing..
i wanna be free...
just let me fly high
i wanna live my life without your memory.....
coz i don't wanna live in misery....

juz live your so called life
i don't need you ANYMORE....
coz i'm happy like this..
independently loving myself..
its for the best!
i guess..

p/s: dis is a confusing thought of a 'mereng' gurl..haha..juz can't help it!...


Anonymous said...

best2 :)


Asyieq-iN Rkey said...

tq dear=)