geng budak slumber

Monday, April 4, 2011

i'm Ok..i'm fiNe..tq

this is me who tell a story
just please don't feel sorry
coz i are not sincerely feel it
face the fact that its hard for me to forget it

yes,my weight decrease 5 kilo
its because my heart been hollow
i  lost my spirit and live with all the sorrow
u're memory keep following me like a shadow

sorry for not replying u're message
i really don't wanna be engage
with someone who just throw my love in a garbage

sorry for not approving your FB friend request
coz for this heart u're no more invited guest
juz let you know that u're "hello" can cause massive mess!

if you juz wanna know about me
let me tell you slightly
just study my picture dear "ex-boyfie"
i'm ok..i'm fine...juz don't worry
coz i deserve to be happy
WITHOUT YOU that had already forgot me
about a year before the truth come to reality

we had been so together..
with a fake laughter in that year
thanks to let me know that i'm totally loser
who keep believing those so called 'happily ever after!'

p/s: no matter how much i wanna be your friends as you also wanted us to be..i just CANT...coz i'm not the only one who been hurt!bear the fact...i'm so damn tired of u..juz give me some space


Anonymous said...

congratz..your weight decrease 5 kilo.

Asyieq-iN Rkey said...

huhuhu..but before my weight is 49 makes me even more under weight