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Thursday, December 29, 2011

why bother say hello

assalamualaikum n peace...=)

hari nie offday tak g mana pon...malas dan xde mende pon nak wat nak g mane pon taktau...argh!

hari nie tah nape..aku asek terdengar2 HP aku berdering padahal xde pon...=.='

am i waiting for a call?am i?



y bother saying hello when all u want is to walk away

i should focus

i have to!

focus kin focus!

distracted by u easy but too hard to swallow the fact

too gud to be true

too far to be grab

the path is so long


stay focus n keep holding on

don't lose u're track..

remember where u stand

p/s: SK....

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ZYASH said...

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