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Sunday, January 13, 2013

The girl

Assalamualaikum n peace...

Juz feel to write something...

She is that girl
That girl
Who wear baju kurung with sneakers
Who had a loud voice
Who laugh more than she speaks

She is that girl
Who hardly soft
Who hardly appropriate
Who hardly proper
Who said what she wanna say

She is that girl
Who love to joke around with her friend..
Who talk so much
Who were known for her funny style of telling stories...

She hardly care bout what people said
She had become boys bestfren for years...
She look tough she look rough

But deep down her soul..
Her heart was too fragile
Got cuts of million time
Coz love had give her real hard time

Her wish..
One day there come a guy
Who can be with her for what she is
For who she is..
Be the shoulder to cry
Be the protector
Be her imam

But all she know maybe the time hasn't come
She need to wait..
Wait...wait n wait

P/s: when i miss you...i pray to god...that u always gonna be ok

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