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Thursday, March 21, 2013

blackjack gurl


eh? tetiba rasa nak menulis...

counting days to leave banking field...

dapat inspirasi untuk tulis ni from one of my bestfren...dia panggil aku blackjack gurl sebab tarikh lahir aku 21hb...

21 is blackjack number katanya...

blackjack gurl...
she own her heart
she walking smart

blackjack gurl
she rule kingdom
with her own wisdom
doom to the misery
lost in her mystery..

blackjack gurl
tough enough to stand alone
pray rot in hell all the moron
she cant nego with ego
she live as like there's no tommorow

she never give u hope
when thr truth is no more

she stand with her belief
no other can relief

blackjack gurl
role with her dignity
brave to infinity
coz she's the one and only...

p/s; terfikir nak sambung menulis lagi

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