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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Not A girL U Bring Home to U're Mum

assalamualaikum n hyep!..=)

yesterday was damn disaster Japanese boss gave me headache...gosh! hard is it to satisfy all of their needs for god sake!

ok..enough said...I had been non-stop complaining about my work yesterday..I think I should give up talking already rite!teheee...

found a wonderful blog also..Anjili Mehta's blog...This Single Life

and foineee..if I sound kinda pathetic there..hey...its really doesn't mean I'm giving up on dating and relationship...hell no...I'm young to even give up my junk food on-the-go yett!!

while reading her blog...I found this a quotes rite?fine..who cares anyway..tehhee...and I'm thinking of writing a...hmm..what should I call it?messy poem?or just some rhythm-ly thought?heheh..whatever..


I may not be your average girl
perfectly neat
Brightly nice
no that sunny smile

Always got problem with the mess I did
Live in my own timeline
no proper reason in doing everything
rules are obey on my relevant reason

sometimes I got annoy by boredom
sometimes I live in ignorance
abnormality is unique for me

hardly commit on one thing
hardly get done on time
hardly serious 
hardly stop talking
hardly even be polite
and even hardly appropriate on any circumstance..

look at me
everything I touch its fall apart
everything I do..I do it by my rules
everything I see..interpretation is mine to know
most of the time..
I just comfortable being selfish

I never try to fit in
I'll never want to
Don't try to figure out what's me
or even care what's wrong
It is what it is
as far as I know
I'm not the girl you could bring home to your mum

p/s: dah start carik baju raya padahal puasa pon belum..kahhak....apa punye perangai

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