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Sunday, April 29, 2012

the path..the way

assalamualaikum ...

penat...baru balik keje...

bengang..kene paksa...

tengah fikir camne nak melepaskan diri dari paksaan bodoh nie...


duk ingat someone...

and rasa tak selesa....

when the time comes...

there you are
standing in silence
trying too smile sincerely

been too tired
someone else got what u want again
someone else taking the turn again
and you still standing there
no change
stuck in your past
without u knowing it

try to make a move
but u're feet got hurt 
every steps seems so heavy
every steps seems so fool

asking why
holding on
keep just been 'the another'
keep been 'the last choice'
keep been 'the left one'

wonder what your future would be
but trying to believe
trying so hard
trying so damn hard
just to remind yourself

dear heart..
the time will come without waiting for u're readiness
the time will come without u expecting it
the time will come when u think u don't need it
the time will come when u start to ignore it

that time your heart gonna be wide open
so calm until u even can smile in your sleep
so lovely till u cant realize how time had fly

this is your path..
this is your way
walk with no doubt
coz god always give u the best

p/s: sometimes when u think u are carrying so much burden until u lost in your thought and ignore the fact that u had been so much stronger

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