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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I wiSh...tiMe wOulD sTop oN tHat daY

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i wish...time would stop on that day..the day when..
you look into my eyes..
you promise that you'll always by my side for the better and worse..
you said you love other than me..only me
you said nothing do us apart beside death
you said we are mean for each other..
and you are fated for i'm the best for you..

i wish..time would stop on that day..the day when..
we cry together regrets the mistakes..
we holding hand giving each other strength..
we sit side by side mumbling about life
we share a chocolate cake that wrongly bake
we giggle about our own stupidity
we pursuing a same dream while watching the night...

i wish..time would stop on that day..the day when..
we walk out from the jewelery shop after buy the ring..
we stop by the highway just to capture our 'promise' sign
we look into each other eyes signaling love
we support each other after the embarrassing 'event'
we comfort each other after a tiring day..
we share the happiness and sadness of things daily..
how i wish...

but time wont stop..time wont wait..
the moment left me behind with severe wound that rip my heart..

the fact is..
i just have to stop wishing...

p/s: this is not a poem...juz a list of unrealistic wish...


Anonymous said...

nice disitu!! (juz because ayat aku pon ade ter list) :p

-rieda amoy-

Nurul said...

Be strong my dear.. :) (tb2 i pun terspeaking)

Asyieq-iN Rkey said...

rieda: aq amik la ayt ko sket..heheh..
nurul:am trying...=)

Anonymous said...

saba kin..saba >.<"


Asyieq-iN Rkey said...

cek amoy: sabaaaa laaa niee...see xngs ponn..=)

Anonymous said...

ohh..i thought it was a poem..bykkan bersabar ya.

Asyieq-iN Rkey said...

afiq:hu thats not juz a memories