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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

there is the time when.........

assalamualaikum n peace..=)

fuhh..lama cuti memang tak rajen kan nak keje...ok foine...beria nak guna tak rajen bagai..cakap je la malas khennnnnn.....=P

nak lagi best...ekon buat hal...bocor kua air...owhhhh deymmm....hari malang lagi kah?=.='

redhooo je lahhhh... I would like to write something that I feel...2 3 hari nie...

there is the time when..
you don't no where to go
you don't know where to start
you don't know what to do

there is the time when..
you got daze and confuse
is this the right thing to do
is this what I should do
am I doing the wrong thing
am I gonna regret someday
U got scared
U tremble a lot

there is the time when..
you fight a lot with yourself
keep reminding of things that you can't own
keep saying can't this and can't that

there is the time when..
you want to ignore all the hurtful fact
you want to enjoy all the moment with no worries
you want to do things as you wish
rule your world like a king..

and for all those time..
you just sit and take a deep breath..
coz it consume a lot of your energy 
it take half of your heart..

still finding the way out
still struggling to stand still

p/s: sedang risau

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