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Monday, August 20, 2012

me and my childhood dream

assalamualaikum n peace...=)

selamat hari rayaaa uolsssssss!!!

tema warna apa tahun niee???Iolss warne biru pinkk..auww suweet tauuu..*mintaklempang*

my family!

with my cuzzie ayong!


ok..tergedik pulekk.khekhek

eh?tertepek banyak pulak pic...hehhe..pape pon..kalau ada salah silap sepanjang berbelog..ampun mahapp di pintaaa...

bukan nak cerita pasal raya pon sebenarnya...cume terlintas idea nak tulis nie...=)


I dream about growing old with you
I dream about owning your smile
I dream about laughing at our past and you

never thought about you changing
never thought about things happen
never thought about situation become issue

people change
people grow
as I grow..
I left you in that flow
and you left be with the sorrow

as time past by..
sometime dream had to left unsaid
dream should be always a dream
as innocent as it was
as far as it stay from us

us is my childhood dream
us is my stupid hope
us is a fairy tale

time left me heartbroken
things change me unbeaten 
let the dream be forgotten 
as I left your name remain unspoken

p/s: terlalu indah untuk aku impikan

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man said...

comel2 pic..pergi beraya kat mana itu..sila dtg ke blog sy..