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Thursday, August 30, 2012

time after time


mungkin sebab tak sehat..malam tadi mimpi ngeri..pastu mengingau....=.='

betabahlahhh!!!.. usual...

randomly thought about writing this....

'if you can look and you will find me...time after time..
if you fall I will catch you...I'll be waiting..time after time'

-time after time-Cyndi Lauper-

I wish I wish
I never dream this thing

I wish I wish
this is real and It can be

I wish I wish
you know this
and I don't have to hide it no more

I wish I wish
I'm brave enough
but even if I'm brave enough to tell you...
would it be something for you
would you mind it gonna hate me

dear..dear wolverine..
if you hurt let me cure your wound
if you fall let me catch you and be your wall
if you need someone..I'll be there to listen
if you lost...let me guide you home

ill be your guardian angel
ill be you sun
ill be your superwomen
ill be what ever you want..

I want you to know 
I don't want you to know

I wish you were here
I wish you'll vanish

what's wrong
what's wrong

love turn me bipolar
hurt keeps me wonder

wolverine..wolverine dear
hear me once hear me forever
I love you till my sanity disappear..

If you can't love me..I'm so whatever
so let me be someone you always remember 

p/s: betabahlah badan..nak hantar adek pegi belajar nie...sobs

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