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Saturday, October 1, 2011

heartless girl

assalamualaikum n peace...=)

hai oktober!!!!....


she is sweet
she is nice
she seems to be so fragile
she fall in love deeply once

but today

she changes a lot
her hardest question to answer was who she is
all she knows that she is lost
in her tiny little world

she still nice
she still sweet
but she don't really care so much
she refuse to follow her heart
coz it was dead and abandon in her past

when she hate she ignore
when she likes she keep it
she walks like nothing could break her
she fight like the greatest contender..
yes...she was born as fighter

all she wants that

people see her evil side
people see her strength
people see her fierce spirit
with her glasses she see a lot
she learn a lot
and she will never turn back

she will strive her victory
she know she can do it more than juz cry
she know she can make it through the day
coz she is heartless

p/s: masa untuk siapkan report n berjimba balik ke uum..hehehe..=)

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