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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hopeless fox

Assalamualaikum n peace...

Just my thought...

Is everything

Throught time...when i have to leave u..
Searching for future
Contending with my bad decision..
I leave my heart to u..
My breath is u're smile
My life is u're love..
My strenght is u're trust...

Don't doubt me wolf
I'll lose my strength
Don't sad wolf
I'll lose my breath..
Don't kill u're love towards me wolf
I'll lose my life..

I'm fighting with my willingness
Give me chance to be u're hapiness

All i have my love upon thee
Thou my everything thou me energy

Throught imperfection..
Throught the ugliness
Sincere heart love you eternity...

Hopeless me in the doubtness you..
How can i tell you more that i love you..
I'm trying so hard just to gain u're trust
Give me chance as my heart gonna blast

I won't give up even you tell me to
Unless i'm already useless to you
I'll be a dying fox for my only wolf
Living in pain and memory as my precious proof..

P/s: give me strength

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