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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

LoVe wHo I nEveR met

assalamualaikum kwn2..=)

penat dah wanna write this...for my MR. rockers..

heeheh...mate cukup..=p


we start with a crazy stuff
maybe because i just can't get enough
being alone just so damn tough
u trigger my spirit to be more rough

one thing leads to another
we share all the sadness and laughter
until i can bear all the pain
u really make me smile again

u are love who i never met
u erase all the tears that i already spread
just to know that in this world i still got my part
a very  special place inside u're heart

deep inside i'm hoping
that i would never face anymore falling
cause i don't know if i'am able to stand
to keep smile with tears is not my trend

i give u piece of my heart
although i found it so damn hard
i'm building trust to share a life with you
saving a courage to say i do
so don't give me promises that u can't kept
coz a liar always deserve more than a slap

thanks for loving me just the way i am
i will never try get more to claim
lets complete each other for everything
until death do the separating

p/s: perkahwinan adalah sebuah perkongsian hidup..kita takkan buat keputusan sebarangan..thnx for not making me the last choice

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