geng budak slumber

Saturday, July 16, 2011

wHat shouLd I Do


last nite was a failure
i said something that i think soo damn stupid
how can i confess
when my heart wasn't sure
when my brain say no

its wonderful
when i have u
but the reality is
we never met
how can i give u trust
how can i give u a heart

dis is crazy
n i had to find an explanation to this
dis is insane
n it would kill me some day
the same way..
it kills me before

what should i do dear god
when my heart feel it
but my brain say no
i dun wanna be like before
crawling in pain like hell
juz to know the love i want so much is juz a lie
a fake lil thing n a mistakes!

maybe i got to be patient
and give myself a space
maybe this is not it
maybe its juz a temporary feeling
but..for real
its killing me!

p/s: i got jealous stupid!can't u see it??