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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

6 MoNths

assalamualaikum n afternoon kwn2..=)

6 months already...

still there

slowly recovered

dem like a ghost haunting me!

lost myself already

still sucks!

i wish he die sometime..hahahahha...(ya..i'm lying)

err...what's that?wakakaka..=p

but i'm glad...i had to prove nothing to you...i'm glad...i don't lose my grade..i'm change keep progressing...n i'm damn glad...u not there to see me crawling in pain...

one last regret stuck in my heart..i wish!i tell her what had happen between us she will know..why i feel bullshit when she say "apalah daya saya..sabarlah dengan dugaan hidup"

just maybe..i'm not strong enough to tell her...n i'm so stupid coz i don't wanna ruin u're happiness...n the truth is..i ruin myself

i hope..u pray damn hard to god.. so that our history won't hunt u someday..karma...

i regret that i'm born with the heart that easily break...i regret that..i give you a lot of easiness in life...juz maybe..i love you so damn much...n i hate that fact...seems like forever..

6 months...

its good to be alive..its good i don't commit suicide or involve in homicide..its good i have things to do..

Dear god...

please give me...another thousands of 6 months...=)
so that i can achieve all my dreams
n erase all his memories


p/s: harap tak sesat lagi


cik sakura said... what ever u want..find ur happiness darl..i know u can do it..same goes to me..not only for 6 month but for 6's hard for me to forgive n to forgot at that time..but now everything going to normal..alhamdulillah..

A i n n u r A f i f f a h said...

i'll pray for u sis :))

Asyieq-iN Rkey said...

cik sakura: thnx..i'll be strong

ainur:thnx sis..=)

Qaseh dalia adelia said...

insyaAllah .. kuatkan semangat ..dont ruin ur life !

Asyieq-iN Rkey said...

thnx everyone..=)